A Day Out in Rye, East Sussex

Rye East Sussex

A day out in Rye

A day out in Rye is the perfect way to escape the bigger towns and cities that the UK has to offer. Rye is a small town, near the coast in East Sussex, England. It’s known for its Tudor / Medieval style buildings and cobbled streets. It’s a very historical town, with its own small castle and a large history of smuggling. 

The history of Rye

Over the years, Rye was used as a Naval port, a fishing port, an agricultural centre and market town. It also has a lot of history among smuggling and maritime conflict, despite its’ quaint and peaceful vibe nowadays. When visiting Rye, the first thing you’ll notice is the historical charm of the buildings and streets.

Getting to Rye

Rye is just over an hour from London, so it’s a great day out if you’re in the South of England. It’s also easy to drive to by car from surrounding areas. You can get the train from London St Pancras International to Rye, changing at Ashford International. 

Things to do in Rye, East Sussex


If you want to learn more about the history of Rye, the best place to head to is the Castle Museum. Here you can find out more about this historical town, its maritime past and you can visit the Ypres Tower, once used as part of Rye’s defence against intruders. 


One of my favourite things to do in Rye is to wander around the old streets, the most famous of which is Mermaid street. This street not only has charming properties but it also houses the famous (and supposedly haunted) Mermaid Inn pub. 


Rye is packed full of small and quirky antique stores, so it’s a great place to do a bit of shopping. Here you’ll find plenty of unique trinkets, locally handcrafted items and lots of great gift ideas!


If you want to be a little closer to nature (even though Rye is already surrounded by plenty) you can head to Rye Nature Reserve. It’s a mixture of grassy areas and wetlands surrounding the nearby land of Rye. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a number of different walks and spot plenty of wildlife. 


You won’t go hungry in Rye, that’s for sure! Food options are of no shortage here, so whatever you have an appetite for, you’ll be able to find something delicious. There are a number of different sit-down restaurants, medieval-style pubs and adorable local cafes, like the Mermaid Cafe at the bottom of Mermaid Street, which even has an ice cream window! Rye is also a great location for afternoon tea.

How long do you need to visit Rye

Rye can easily be visited in a day, however, if you want to take it slower, it’s also great for a weekend getaway! 

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