Travel Hacks When Traveling With Your Dog

traveling with your dog
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Travel Hacks When Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog can be a great experience that you will both enjoy. With many luxurious pet-friendly hotels and the ease of travel arrangements, planning a trip with your dog is easier than ever. 

So, pack your dog’s essentials and make some fantastic memories with the best road trip hacks for dogs.

Buckle up and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Common questions from travel enthusiasts include how do you travel with pets while traveling?” and “how do you travel long distances with a dog?”

There’s no need to worry; we have everything you need. Keep reading for some tips and hacks that will make traveling with your dog a breeze.

Bring a Pet Crate

One of the most important tips for traveling with a puppy in a car: bring a crate. You need to invest in a pet-safe space in your vehicle long before you hit the road. 

A sturdy and comfortable pet crate must fit snugly in the back of your car. A crate will keep your dog safe no matter how many bumps, twists, and turns you go through. And if you have to slam the brakes, your dog can remain perfectly safe in its soft and snug place.

You can even flip down or remove the back rows in your car to keep the crate secure. This will help your dog relax and play with its toys whenever it wants to and eventually be lulled into a peaceful sleep as you drive.

If you have a pet that can sit peacefully during a car ride, you can opt for dog seat belts instead. Again, your dog must be still and secure in its seat while the vehicle is moving. A seat belt attached to a harness can accomplish just that. A pet crate will be beneficial to your pet who can rest and relax whenever it wants to.

Carry a Pet First Aid Kit 

Your dog’s favorite blanket and its food and water bowls are essential things you need to bring. But your list should not stop there. It is crucial to prepare a full pet first aid kit for your next trip. A well-packed kit will save you and your pet in case of an emergency.

It is better to be safe than sorry, and you must be prepared for anything that may happen while you are on the road with your pet. If your pooch suffers from sprains, cuts, bruises, scrapes, your first aid kit can come to the rescue. 

Some essentials to put in your pet first aid kit include hydrogen peroxide, absorbent gauze, tweezers, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, gloves, tape, and scissors.

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Always Carry Food and Water for Your Dog

Traveling can be unpredictable, especially when you’re getting on a plane. You need to be prepared for disruptions to your plans, such as delayed flights and long waits in the airport. 

Here are some tips for traveling with a dog on an airplane. To make sure you have packed the right amount of food, you need to portion your dog’s meals.

In sealable bags, pack varied meals sufficient for the number of days you will be traveling. Pack everything carefully and keep them out of reach of your dog so that it won’t eat anything in advance.

Avoid anything fresh or raw because they can be messy to deal with. Carry a serving or two of kibble in an air-tight bag. Make sure to bring a big water container you can fill up for your dog in case you get stuck in an airport.

No matter where you are in the world, it’s best to maintain the same feeding schedule for your dog. Changes to their feeding routine may lead to appetite swings as well as distress.

Bring Enough Litter Bags 

While traveling with your pooch on a road trip, make sure to take enough potty breaks. If your dog wants to poop, you need to have more than enough litter bags on hand. These bags will ensure there is no mess left behind, making this one of the best road trip hacks for dogs.

Bathroom breaks during road trips will also give your dog a chance to stretch its legs and expend its energy for a bit. Make your dog drink some water and indulge in a bit of playtime before you strap yourselves into your seats again for the rest of the long ride.

Bring All Vaccination Documents 

If you’re traveling with your dog for the first time, you should know that carrying your dog’s vaccination documents is a must. Bring all its medical records, ID information, and other important documents, along with extra copies. These are must-haves, especially if you’re traveling across the state or to a different country.

Keep these important documents safe in a sealed, waterproof bag in case of any spills or unfortunate accidents. If you’re traveling by car, keep them in the glove compartment for ease of access. 

Update Your Dog Tag or Microchip

If you’re wondering how to make traveling with a dog easier, up-to-date dog tags or microchips are what you need. In case your dog wanders away from you at any time, people who run into it need to know that it has an owner looking for it. Dog tags and microchips with your name, address, and contact information will ensure that your dog will be brought back to you.

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Final Thoughts 

Traveling with your dog need not be tedious or even difficult. If you follow these essential road trip hacks for dogs, you can plan and prepare in advance without much worry.

Make a checklist of what you need to pack for your dog and ensure you have everything you need before you walk out the door. This way, you will be ready for anything, and you can enjoy a worry-free trip with your beloved pet!

This guest post submission was provided by The Upper Pawside

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